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This is Jobtip

Jobtip offers recruitment and employer branding services on social media to employers both small and large. The company was founded in 2007 and has 100 employees. Jobtip is a growth phase company with offices in Stockholm, Sweden, Gdansk, Poland, San Diego, USA, with its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Jobtip makes it simple for companies to recruit the right employees presenting job opportunities to the right candidates on social media. By leveraging personal networks  and referrals, jobs gain additional reach. The main focus of our campaigns is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, but Jobtip uses other platforms, such as Reddit, Pinterest, Google, and Snapchat.

With our expertise in the reference-based, targeted social media recruiting space, Jobtip knows how to create the perfect match between employers and potential candidates on social media.

Jobtip's Values

  • People’s motivations are the key to unlocking a successful digital recruitment process
  • Everyone has a perfect fit professionally today, and another tomorrow
  • Expertise and measurability are prerequisites to effectivity and innovation

Jobtip's promise to its customers

  • Reliability - we give measurable results to our customers
  • Dedication - we show drive and professionalism in everything we do
  • Innovation - we apply our expertise and curiosity to continuously evolve
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 Jobtip's History

Since the beginning of 2007, Jobtip has distributed nearly 50,000 recruitment campaigns for companies in Sweden, Europe, and the USA. The company has always provided smart recruiting solutions online, but in 2014 a unique niche was launched - using social media to reach out to a ideal target group and attract even those who at that moment were not actively looking for a new job. The response was immediate, and growth was swift.

Today Jobtip offers one of the markets most advanced technical solutions for helping companies recruit via social media, and is today a leading global provider of Social Recruiting with Job-branded advertising and Employer Branding to employers both small and large.

We are a company full of dedicated co-workers with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skills, all passionate about helping companies find their dream candidates. At Jobtip, motivation, ambition, and individuality is always rewarded.

Jobtip is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, with offices in Stockholm, Gdansk, Poland, and San Diego, California.



Group CEO

Ali Farshid



Elin Brobjer


Chairman of the Board

Patrik Wigton

dan grabko


Dan Grabko



Edvard Åkerberg


Sales Director

Sonya Radjaian



Alexander Loniakan


Communication Manager

Frida Vagiste